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Yml dating site world wide

To not include an explicit option in every URL, e.g.

, which is RESTful and in accord with the rest of the World Wide Web, it does require a little bit more work to implement.

The locale should be transparent and a part of the URL.

This way you won’t break people’s basic assumptions about the web itself: if you send an URL to a friend, they should see the same page and content as you.

Do not store the chosen locale in a session or a cookie.For instance, if you have the following dictionary: Single texts, without knowledge where the text appears, might be hard for translators to interpret, which can cause wrong translations.When it comes to internationalization providing your translators with all the necessary information is crucial to ensure high quality translations.These Rails API features are covered by Rails 5: ), the response renders the German strings.Getting the locale from params and setting it accordingly is not hard; including it in every URL and thus passing it through the requests is.

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This information can be added as comments inside the YAML files. All comments and quality checks (Lingo Checks) added in your resource file are automatically imported by Lingo Hub.