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They finally took their protest to the mean streets of Kalimdor in a movement called Druids United.

They're planning a follow-up march for this Friday, October 10.

Beta testers have voiced strong opposition to many of the changes.

The original Travel Form will only activate by default in zones and indoor areas without flying.

In response to druid's complaints, Blizzard added a clause to Glyph of the Stag that gives you a separate spell for Flight Form, in order to activate Travel Form wherever you want.

The druid protest follows in a long -- and often sordid -- tradition that began in January 2005. Warriors received some substantial nerfs late in the beta life cycle. Then further nerfs to the class were patched in to the live game not long after launch. With Blizzard showing no sign that they would revert the changes, warriors planned a protest on the Argent Dawn realm for the night of Friday, January 29, 2005.

In ten years, I haven't seen players this up in arms about class issues since classic : an in-game class protest.

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With much more open lines of communication from developers to players in recent years, I thought the game had matured beyond the point where such things would ever be necessary.