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Who is wes anderson dating

Over the course of the eight films Anderson has written and directed, he has established himself as one of the leading filmmakers of the present era.

Wes Anderson grew up in Houston, TX and began making short films with his father’s Super 8 camera.

Wes Anderson is a master of style with a flair for quick-witted comedy and eccentric characters.

A Wes Anderson movie is instantly recognizable by the deadpan shots, symmetrical architecture, nostalgic settings, and bright pops of color that are trademarks of his production style.

The whimsy, and occasional absurdity, of Anderson’s films lighten the heavy, nostalgic themes that hold a regular presence in his movies.

Family strife, coming-of-age, and the struggle for redemption often guide his stories.

Anderson created his first feature-length film, was based on a short film he made with Owen Wilson who he met in college and would go on to star in and co-write several of Anderson’s films.

Anderson would direct seven more feature films over the following two decades.

His films have earned him over 90 film award nominations and wins.He has worked with the same actors for several of his films including Bill Murray and the Wilson brothers.Max Fischer has found himself a new extracurricular activity to pursue.Max is an eccentric, romantically (but not academically) ambitious student of Rushmore Academy with a vow to win the heart of a Rushmore teacher, Rosemary Cross.He is rumored to currently be working on a stop-motion film about a dog.

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Until that project is released, these films are a great starting point for your journey into the whimsical world of Wes Anderson.

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