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Alfesta has been used for simple gut string guitars as well as dreadnoughts and AAA models." [Source: Noud Koevoets, email 19/10/2013] Dave Gartland, a sheet metal worker trained in 1989 migrated from the South West of England in November 2008 to Australia. They would have to contact me for the date, the serial numbers are not based on the year, they are simply consecutive numbers." [source: Rob Allen, email 24/3/2008]According to Vintage Guitar Price Guide Aloha was a private brand of Aloha Publishing and Musical Instrument Company, Chicago.

Note the brand name was also used by Aloha Manufacturing Company of Honolulu from 1911-1935s. Its rugged build is comprised of top quality carbon fiber, flax fabric, and bio-derived resins.

It used to be called the Egmond company which changed it's name to Alpha. It stopped the production after a couple of years, probably because the Japanese and Korean copies were too competitive for a budget Martin from Holland. "These guitars are custom built in a small shop in Chicago, IL since 2011.

They are fully custom from the pickups to the radius on fretboard and neck contour all the way to custom shapes and wiring.

They feature hollow aluminum necks and carbon fiber fretboards.

Aluminum bodies cnc'd to be hollow and light, as well as electronics cavity isolation to get rid of unwanted feedback.

This combination produces an incredibly lightweight and strong instrument with a brilliant, resonant sound.

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[Source: Kevin Lauria, Wufoo 14/7/2014] Alpha was a brand name of guitars built in the Egmond plant in Holland.