Who is london tipton dating

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Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.Related quizzes can be found here: The Suite Life on Deck Quizzes There are 66 questions on this topic. In the first few episodes, Bailey often talked about life in Kettlecorn. Moseby she can't believe they thought the two of them were dating. Moseby then appears as though he too thought the two of them were dating. Zack asks Cody to pretend to date his daughter Olivia.Emma Tutweiler, one of the teachers at Seven Seas High made fun of by her own students (and eventually Mr. Meanwhile, reruns of the original show have popped up on Disney XD. Both series also participated in massive Crossover events with other shows on the channel: was released as a Big Damn Movie with a surprisingly dramatic plot rooted in Science Fiction. He delivered them in the middle of the night, then we left really, really fast on the jet.

Boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends are always there for ya. Y'know, 2001, about that freaky computer that takes over the ship and kills everybody on board? In Episode 19, Cody organized the Mulch Festival for her, as she missed Kettlecorn. Tuweiller for and I quote, "Thanks for filling in for Annabelle last night". When he finds that out, he bans Cody from ever going to Harvard. The Tipton boat has a strict rule that boys and girls have cabins on separate decks, however Bailey pretends to be a boy as there is no space for girls.In that episode, she almost went home, but decided to stay on the ship. When London gets rid of Padma, London and Bailey become room mates.London did not want to have a roommate, so she bribed Padma to leave.Bailey, after her identity as a girl and not a boy was discovered, had to room with London, causing London to escape from the ship by helicopter to Parrot Island.

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Prince Jeffy, who is an eight-year-old, fell for Maddie and she was forced to marry him.

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