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Who is laender paes dating

The Rhea Pillai-Leander Paes break up has become one of the most sordid custody battle among the high-profile Indian celebrities.

An altercation took place over a series of 15 text messages, which were soon to be produced in a court.

Senior advocate and Paes' counsel Zulfikar Memon called it "the last straw" for Paes who filed a criminal complaint.

The two had, until then, been engaged in what they had hoped would be a civil split, negotiating terms fairly amicably while continuing to reside jointly in their Carter Road apartment.

Allegations and counter allegations continue to fly as the issue is increasingly getting uglier. His counsel Memon claimed the legal team has emails, photographs and messages that prove Rhea's infidelity and that they have not gone public with it out of a sense of decency for her image, but will produce it in court as evidence."The house is Leander's and they have not shared 'relations' in the last 7- 8 years, but he has let her stay there as a guest, only out of respect that she is the mother of his child," Memon said.

The Slovakian-born, Swiss-raised Hingis was the world's number one women’s singles player for 209 weeks, winning three consecutive Australian Opens, one Wimbledon title and one U.

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When two beautiful people fight, it can turn into an ugly spectacle.