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Who is dating mariah carey

Mariah and James, according to sources who spoke to The exes made out all the time, but never actually rounded the bases!

This is reportedly one of the reasons why James wanted to get married so quickly, according to the sources. There’s weight to this report, as Mariah’s ex-husband Nick Cannon, 36, has said in multiple interviews that they had to wait until marriage to have sex, as well. This is proof that Mariah didn’t cheat on James with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, 33, as speculated.

Mariah is so dedicated to upholding her values that she reportedly made James sleep in a separate bedroom in their shared home, as well as on the yacht.

He’s been featured in some of her Instagrams, and has been featured in some of the sexiest parts of her concerts. Hollywood Lifers, are you surprised that Mariah and James reportedly never had sex?

“James can’t believe that after all he has done for Mariah that she would be messing around with a dancer.

Mariah Carey, 46, reportedly doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

Mariah and her ex-fiancé, James Packer, 49, lived together before splitting, and took tons of vacations on his yacht, but her traditional views mean that they never had sex, according to a report from!

If she allegedly doesn’t have sex before marriage, then she wouldn’t have broken those vows to sleep with someone she’s not even dating!

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Mariah and James reportedly haven’t spoken to each other in months, as Hollywood previously told you, and as their relationship failed, she got closer with Bryan.