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Who has willa ford dating

Among those stories were a few about Amanda, who, she assured us, was definitely terrible.

(This is especially astonishing because a) she was a Nick fan and I was a Brian fan, and b) my birthday is in April.

The weather was weird that spring.) The girl in line ahead of us was a few years older than us – old enough to follow the Boys around the country when they were on tour – and she regaled us with many stories that I’m now pretty sure were entirely lies.

As you’ve probably already figured out from my breathless babbling about the Spice Girls and Miley Cyrus, I love me some bubblegum pop music.

This love was sparked by Spice in 1997 and fanned into a righteous flame by the Backstreet Boys in 1999, and my music collection contains not just the complete oeuvres of BSB, Nsync, Britney, and Christina, but a fair amount of one-hit wonders and also-rans like Dream and Nobody’s Angel.

The other night found me down a You Tube rabbit hole of The Forgotten Ladies of Pop, Circa 2000, and so I thought I’d kick off a new series here to talk about them. See, Amanda/Willa dated Nick Carter of from 1997 to 2000 – the years when the stratospheric rise of the Backstreet Boys was matched only by Nick’s trouncing of Brian and AJ as the heartthrob in the band.

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Thus, poor Amanda quickly became the most hated woman in America.