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In addition, the treaty requires parties to apply International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards to all their peaceful nuclear activities.While some have stockpiled adamsite as a riot-control agent, the OPCW Scientific Advisory Board recommends against such use.The Additional Protocol is a legal document granting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) complementary inspection authority to that provided in underlying safeguards agreements.The treaty prohibits the research, development, manufacturing, stockpiling, acquisition, testing, possession, control, and stationing of nuclear explosive devices on any member’s territory.The treaty also prohibits the dumping of radioactive waste originating from outside the continent within the region.The principal aim is to enable the IAEA inspectorate to provide assurance about both declared and possible undeclared activities.

Founded in 1995 during the NPT Review and Extension Conference, Abolition 2000 is an international non-governmental global network working for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons within a time-bound framework. initiative to outlaw nuclear weapons and to internationalize global stocks of fissile material for use in peaceful nuclear programs which became know as the Baruch Plan. A chemical agent that causes eye, nose, and respiratory tract irritation in addition to vomiting and diarrhea.The coalition consists of over 2,000 organizations from 90 different countries that work both independently and in concert to accomplish the goal of nuclear abolition through an eleven point program. Classified as a vomiting agent, adamsite is odorless and usually enters the body by inhalation.Upon entering the body, adamsite poisoning begins within minutes and lasts up to several hours.First synthesized in 1918, adamsite was used by the Japanese during World War II.Because aerosols are a means for delivering chemical and biological agents, they can play an important role in weaponizing these substances.

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The Treaty on the African Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone, also known as the Treaty of Pelindaba, was opened for signature in Cairo in April 1996.

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