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This is a novel about race, but it is also a novel about another hot-button topic.

- Who knew how crucial friendship and rivalry have been in contributing to the formation of modern artistic genius?What do a a failed writer (turned college professor), his estranged (and possibly terrorist) mother, an obese video game addict, and a serially-cheating college student have in common?Their lives are about to connect in unexpected and far reaching ways.These premises plus a handful of rednecks and a few effete Californians provide the ingredients for a spicy read indeed. But Detective Hank Palace is determined to find the truth – as society crumbles around him.In his ambitious, funny, and provocative debut novel Hicks probes Nordic folktales, the history of political unrest in the second half of the 20th century, and the impacts of social media and video games on the psyches (and empathy) of modern Americans.

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Hill has the knack for writing characters readers feel like we’ve known our entire lives, and his dialog is funny, wise, and alive.