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In news that is likely to horrify and delight singletons in equal measure, dating app Happn has introduced a feature that lets users send each other voice messages.The newly-released feature will let people who have matched with each other on Happn send voice messages up to one minute long.Women, on the other hand can predict a man’s heaviness and approximate BMI by listening to his voice, but despite his weight, the lower pitched and more attractive his voice is rated, the more symmetrical his body and more sexual partners he is likely to have.

For both sexes, the focus of what we may be listening for in another’s voice is body symmetry, or a well-proportioned body.

It’s important to note that body symmetry is not the same thing as body size or body mass index (BMI).

All in all, attraction and chemistry arises from a combination of the senses, but the sound of a person’s voice appears to play a major part in rating a potential partner’s attractiveness.

If you shut your eyes and listen closely to the voice of someone you’re attracted to and like what you hear, chances are you’ll probably open your eyes and like what you see, too.

Estrogen, which is linked to feminine looking faces, is thought to be the cause of both higher voices in women and more attractive facial features.

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While men cannot predict a woman’s BMI from listening to her voice alone, they can estimate her WHP symmetry.

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