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Here I’ll give you an overview of free bank accounts and how to open a bank account in Germany – no matter if you are a German or a foreigner.

” and then they look around, asking people as they pass by, or check Google Maps. ” It really doesn’t make any sense to have these bank accounts. Complete with free accounts, free money withdrawals at any bank machine and even a free credit card. Every offer gets its own section – or even its own article. And here we go: Almost a year ago, I wrote a first version of this article. Besides, it is heavily focused on its mobile phone app.

If you just quickly want a nice free bank account, stop reading here and take Number26. But when I came back, I simply wrote an email to DKB claiming all these fees – and they were completely refunded!

See screenshots at Open a Number26 account* Jump to the overview The DKB Cash account is the one I’m using myself for my main account. Also, the account-keeping is free, you get a free Visa credit card, plus a girocard (very often used in Germany for cashless payments).

Later, they will tell me how tedious it was to open a bank account, because of all the paperwork they needed to show – and now they are even paying a monthly fee of 5, 6 or even 7 EUR. Number26 wasn’t there yet – and now it’s the one I recommend most to you. When your credit card is charged, you immediately receive a push notification. They let you identify yourself via video chat, so you can stay home, you just need to have your ID and a webcam / smartphone ready.

“Oh, and a credit card is coming, for an additional 10 EUR per year! I think Number26 fits the audience so well, I dedicated its own article to it. When I was in Thailand, every ATM charged a fee of approximately 5 EUR (apparently, it’s a Thailand thing).

Open an ING Di Ba account Jump to the overview The next 3 offers are solid alternatives: They are all also free, and come with a credit card, that lets you maintain the account online and offer free money withdrawals worldwide.

So they start asking “Where’s the nearest Sparkasse ATM”, or “Where the next Cash group?

Often when I am out with friends, one of them needs to get more cash.

Besides the free VISA card, you also receive a girocard.

So if you’re not travelling too far around the world, this account should be as good as the DKB one.

Like at the DKB, you can withdraw cash at any VISA ATM for free – but only in Germany and other countries using the Euro.

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Also, payment with the VISA card is free in these countries.