Posted by / 16-Jun-2016 21:46

Waited for the woman who "loved spending time with me," but was too busy to call or write more than once every two or three weeks, when a moment of passing fancy occurred.

Up until a few years ago, it was always I that was left waiting, until the realization occurred that she wasn't going to come back (in any favorable way at least).

I’d rather fanny away my life and time that I don’t value hoping they’ll see the light because I don’t believe I can do better plus I’d rather avoid feeling ‘full’ rejection at any costs”.

Waiting around says “I have nothing better to do with my time”.

Waiting says “You’re free to reject me and come and go whenever they you like”.Waiting says “I’m an option for you whenever you feel like it”.However, sometimes we mistake being patient with a form of waiting built on hopes that are, in the end not realistic or healthy.Waited for the woman who was trying to get out of her current "bad" relationship.When I look at it, two two phrases sum up the dominate themes of my relationship history.


People do it all the time, and it's our impatience with the uncertainty of life that drives much of this behavior.