Validating an instrument asian speed dating links

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Validating an instrument

Methodology: An electronic research of published medical papers was performed.After several revisions six research designs were finally selected: validation of instruments, surveys, cases and controls, diagnostic tests, clinical trials, and cohorts.The answers were determined as True, False or, Don't Know.Each correct answer (True or False) added one point and each incorrect answer subtracted one point.

Application: The instrument was resolved by three different experienced groups in critical reading G1 (n: 7) professors of medical specialties G2 (n: 23) medical interns in an active research course and G3 (n: 24) medical students without any research course.At the same time they answered the final items as true or false with an agreement 4/5 or 5/5 to be acceptable.A pilot application was made to students for further adjustments.The grading was performed through an electronic system especially created to minimize data capturing errors and it was carried out blind by staff unrelated to the research. The global median for G1 was 62, for G2: 28 and for G. All the results were significant for G1 Data provided are for informational purposes only.Questions answered with Do not know did not add or subtract any points.

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This is how the final grade, which was expressed as group medians, was determined. The inter agreement value was 0.82 and the intra agreement was 0.80.

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