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Updating software please wait

If you don't see a notification about the new update, you can manually check its availability through the Fairphone Updater app.For a step-by-step guide on how to use the Fairphone Updater app, please view the interactive tutorial about updating your Fairphone 2 (available in German, Dutch, French and English).You can do so by 1) starting the Fairphone Updater app, 2) accessing the app history with the square software button on the bottom right corner of the display, and 3) tapping the close icon (X) on the right of the Updater app preview. The Fairphone Updater does not want to proceed with the update / The Fairphone Updater app is stuck on the “Restart” button Reboot your device and try to install the software update again.Alternatively, you can install the update manually.If the app is already running before the connection to the Wi-Fi network is established, the update might not be found.Try to manually close the Fairphone Updater app and starting it again to force the update retrieval.You can view the full list of improvements and fixes in the related release notes article.

The device is stuck in a black screen with yellow characters / The update fails and ends up in the recovery mode if your device ends up in the recovery mode - where the screen is black and there is a green robot lying on its back - and there are yellow strings, it is likely that there was an error while downloading the update to the phone.

The update process was interrupted to avoid corrupting the device.

Fairphone OS version 1.8.1 is the latest software update for your Fairphone 2 released in September 2016.

We highly encourage you to proceed to the latest update which includes security fixes and improvements.

I don’t see any notification about the update / The Fairphone Updater app does not show the update Make sure that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection: you should be able to access the internet and the Google Play store.

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As soon as your Fairphone 2 is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will automatically check for updates.