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Updating old laptop

This is why some people buy new laptops frequently, but there are ways to make an older model feel new again. In a worst-case scenario your laptop can be slowly choked by invading particles.Internal temperatures rise, reducing the efficiency of your hardware.Windows users are sometimes tempted to try OS X, but I don’t recommend it.Getting a Hackintosh to work is a real pain, OS X isn’t more forgiving to old hardware, and it’s not free. RAM is the default hardware upgrade recommendation for old laptops, and for good reason.If you’re running an older version of Windows, particularly Vista, going to Windows 7 is worthwhile (though also expensive, and again, you may feel spending so much on an old laptop is unwise).Or you can go the other direction and install an alternative operating system.Once inside, use a compressed air can to blow away dust, swab away dust in corners and fans with cotton Q-tips, and seal the unit back up.

This usually requires that you take out a number of screws and then use a small, sharp object to pry the panel off.

In reality, it seems like there is a point where this becomes futile or the effort required is less than reinstalling the operating system.

While you’re thinking about reinstalling the operating system you should also think about changing it.

New operating systems often feel slow not because there’s insufficient processing power but instead because there’s insufficient memory.

Anyone who has kept a PC for more than three years has run into this issue.

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