Updating my sat nav

Posted by / 25-Jan-2015 19:20

AIUI, it is impossible to update Garmin maps without using a Windows or Mac OS.They do support Firefox (Garmin install their own "Dashboard" add-on) but not when running on a Linux OS.

However, Garmin do generally offer the first map update "free" and this can be useful if your device was "on the shelf" for a while before purchase.

Garmin also offer device software updates from time to time and, as with most software, this sometimes(! So, I basically have to agree that the ability to update is not essential but still is, in my view, desirable.

Incidentally, Garmin's arch rival, Tom Tom, also do not provide any Linux support for their devices.

IMHO, this is particularly hypocritical of them as they apparently use Linux and other GPL software within the satnav device itself! Unfortunately we do not support Linux operating systems; we only support Windows and MAC Operating Systems.

Hi I would like to purchase a sat-nav for my car and find that they all use Microsoft software to updates maps and the like.

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