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Better to have a driver take over than to autosteer into something it somehow missed, right?Elon Musk says he sees full automation coming within about 3 years; this is just a big first step. Once you’re on the highway, an autosteering feature can maintain your speed, keep an appropriate distance from the cars around you, and keep you in your lane — even around big bends and turns.It doesn’t just let out a loud beep when you start to drift out of your lane; it physically controls the wheel.

A few times, though, things that I was expecting to happen just… I’d tell the car to switch lanes; instead, it just stayed its course, keeping me perfectly in the lane I was already in.

A Tesla rep tells me that this may have been due to the lighting conditions at the time; if the car’s AI isn’t 100% confident that it’s safe to change lanes, it just won’t.

We’d need to spend more time with the autopilot features before we really gave it that good ol’ TC stamp of approval — but in our short test period with it, I can say it seemed to work well.

Once I trusted the car to do the steering and loosened my grip, it was a pretty mindblowing experience.

For months now, Tesla has been saying that their cars would soon pick up a whole new trick: autopilot.

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