Updating kitchen cabinets diy

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Updating kitchen cabinets diy

So if you already have hardware you love, this is a super super cheap makeover!

My 2014 Christmas present was going to be an incredible kitchen! One month later, we felt the incredible impression that we needed to adopt. Let’s be honest though, I didn’t stop hating the kitchen.

After quite a bit of research, I decided that I could make smaller, inexpensive changes to love our space.

It also had annoying features like cabinets too close to the counters to fit a Kitchen Aid (who builds cabinets like that??? But we love a good project, so my husband and I mapped out a kitchen gut, complete with new cabinets, an island, and a totally different layout.

We calculated the budget and how long it would take us to save the money. Instead of saving for a kitchen, we started saving for something A LOT more important.

Note from Mique: We are in the middle of our kitchen redo.

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This is an awesome post from Bethany for painting your kitchen cabinets!

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