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Unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice c:/fixes/linksys for example.

The unzipped files include a or instruction file, which will tell you how to proceed.

Write down or screen-print all your router settings because they may disappear.7.

Disconnect the router from the internet and from any computer other than the one doing the update.(Activity from any source other than the computer doing the update can make the update fail and require that the router be reset.)8.

This includes some extra steps not in the Linksys instructions that will save you time, grief, and possibly your router. There will be some variations for other versions of wired router.(Readers can message me directly and I'll make note variations with other WIRED Linksys routers.)1.Print-screen or write down all of your current router settings (from in your web browser go through all the tabs and buttons).While on the Status panel, note your current firmware version.(Id you have not changed your password from default and can't access, please see this FAQ: »Linksys FAQ »What's the default username and password? Note which wires are connecting where on the router.

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It is a good idea to label the wires and where they go. Download the firmware update for your router from »

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