Updating dyndns

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(Note: no "-a" for the first host name.) With url updates, the client program usually submits a request using the hypertext transport protocal (HTTP) to a DDNS Server.The request may contain your requested hostname (your dynamic domain name) and/or your IP address.DD-WRT provides a set of predefined configurations for the most common DDNS services.After choosing from one of the predefined DDNS services, you have to provide the "User Name" and the "Password" for the account of your DDNS service.The server then asks for the username and password. Many times, as in the above example is it specified in the "name=value" form.The client program returns the information to authorize itself, and the update is completed with the server request response to verify the result. And commonly when more than one value needs to be specified, it is divided with "&" so "name1=value1&name2=value2&name3=value3" can be used to specify three parameters.If you aren't registered, register one and setup (add) your dynamic domain name first.

When your DDNS Service provider uses URL updates, you need to know the url which the client program requests. hostname=hostname.example.org&ip= The URL is divided into parts, the parts should be simple to divide. To confirm that you have the correct URL and can manually update your IP by using your web browser.

When prompted, input your registered username and password.

I was told they would release a hot-fix for me specifically.

While the hot-fix did not work for me alone, it was applied when the router started updating so I am not sure if the hot-fix plus the security cert they gave me fixed it or only the security cert.

None the less both are available here: sw_soho_eng_5.9.1.4_Work Set-–HF160465_1o_829311After updating the software and installing the certificate I was able to delete out the information and then readd it to have it correctly update.

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I’m guessing the file is all that is needed so if you’d like to try that first please do.