Updating cp3505 dc controller

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Updating cp3505 dc controller

For instance, if the black slot is giving you the “cartridge not engaged” error then switch it out with the magenta cartridge to see if the problem follows the cartridge or stays with the slot.

If it follows the cartridge then replace the cartridge and see if it continues.

If everything seems fine and reseating the cartridges doesn’t resolve the issue, remove them and watch the lock levers as you open and close the transfer assembly.

The lock levers actually move with the transfer assembly so if you remove the transfer assembly you can leave the door open and move the transfer assembly holders up and down so the door doesn’t obscure watching the lock levers.

If there is no tension, feels awkward to move, or you hear a loud clicking sound then something is probably broke in the cam assembly or slide lever.

If everything is moving the way it should and you can’t see anything wrong then switch the cartridges.

While reseating the toner cartridges pay attention to the ease of how they go in and out.

The lock levers should move up when the transfer assembly opens and lower when the transfer assembly closes.

of the lock lever slide is broke or the lock levers themselves are broken.

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The lock levers on the right side have been updated and come in a pack of four.

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