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Unrated online dating game

Because of its strength it has been used historically to build bridges, tunnels and railways as well as steps and pathways.

This is the case of the Staffordshire Blue brick, that was brought to SCIN by Ketley Brick this week.

This brick is made from the local red clay Eturia Marl.

When this clay is fired at a high temperature in a low oxygen-reducing atmosphere, it becomes a deep blue that is its distinctive feature.

By using this technique the surface of the brick is slightly vitrified making this brick incredibly hard, and highly water resistant.

There’s no doubt that the online dating game is one that’s constantly changing – from simple chatting to the dismissing of a person with the swipe of a finger, the opportunity to meet a potential significant other ranges from hopeful chance to regretful fright…allow me to introduce the regretful side of the spectrum.

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Director Carlos Omar De Leon’s 5 minute short film, takes a look at a first encounter between an online blogger and the new lady-friend he’s met by using a popular new app designed to bring two lonely hearts together.

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