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"Lonelygirl15," for example, was a Web hit in 2006, but interest waned when viewers realized the thriller's ingenue was fictional. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," starring Neil Patrick Harris, was widely lauded but had only three episodes.A current hit is "Fred," an amateur show about the life of a hyperactive 6-year-old, which was created by a Nebraska teenager but is largely unknown to adults.Hollywood has been even less effective online than those independent productions.Carvey goes on, uninterrupted: Several days later, after he and Mc Cartney listen to an unpublished track the music legend had recently recorded, Mc Cartney leans over to Carvey and confides, "Sometimes, when you're writing, you try to live up to whatever . The long-format interview show is unlike anything else on the Web or certainly, with its unfiltered conversations, on broadcast television.

Between sips of beer, former "Saturday Night Live" star Dana Carvey ranges through a series of strange and revealing anecdotes as Pollak nods from across a round wooden table.

With a glint in his eye, Carvey brings to life an evening two decades ago when he was at a small get-together at the home of "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels. It was Paul Mc Cartney -- the first person Carvey had taught himself to imitate, when he was 9."Your face has gone a bit funny," Carvey, mimicking Mc Cartney's Liverpudlian accent, recalls the singer saying. and you end up ruining the [expletive]."Pollak snorts in disbelief."Kevin Pollak's Chat Show" is streamed on the Internet, and there's no reason to stop a good interview -- not for time slots, not for commercials and certainly not for censors.

Kevin Pollak's live online talk show is supposed to run for two hours, but tonight it's going long again -- way long.

That doesn't bother Pollak: He wants his guest to keep talking.

Online -- where Hollywood's efforts at original programming have floundered and amateur videos have flourished without advertisers -- the pressures of television are blissfully remote. Indeed, removing TV's constraints is like taking the conversation out of a corset: Everyone breathes easier and lets a little more hang out.

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And viewers get a glimpse of what celebrities sound like uninhibited. In commercial or critical terms, original Internet television has produced few successes.

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