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I immediately stood up, thanked him for drinks and walked out before we were even seated for dinner.My Southern soul was shaking at my unprecedented rudeness in walking out halfway through a date -- and yet I felt a lightness, a strange pride in myself for not excusing this man's mean-spiritedness.That's all -- just someone decent and kind who "gets" us and commits to sticking around even in the less-utopian parts of life. Seven years ago I went out on a date with a man who talked about himself all night, never once asking about me or even leaving enough air in his monologue for me to insert a comment.I sat, determined to give him a chance -- until a very generously endowed woman walked by, and my date's eyes riveted to her chest.As we date in the real world and we mature, we begin to realize that that perfect partner not only doesn't exist, but that maintaining the idea of him/her is a toxic sundae of over-expectation with a bitter-breakup cherry on top.When most of us go through at least moments when we don't even like And so eventually we learn to be realistic and healthy, and our desires change: We know that finding someone you like, respect, and love, and then walking the ups and downs with them is the holy grail of relationships.n the early stages of dating, decoding and deciphering signals can be the hardest part. For example, one time I was dating this guy who yelled at me and told I was embarrassing him when I gave him a kiss in front of his friends. I was like, “Well, I understand that we all have different levels of comfort with PDA, but BYE.” That was a no-brainer. While there are lots of unacceptable behaviors that warrant you to take action, there as just as many that warrant you to chill the fuck out and stop overreacting. When I later recounted the awful date to my friend, she waved it off. Drop me a line, and if you can get a smile out of me like your profile did, I might write back." She wrote him.• A hardworking, intelligent friend dated a man who bragged about her talent at cleaning the oven and doing laundry rather than the fact that she was putting them both through school, then spoke in his native Farsi with friends even when she was with them, knowing she couldn't understand the conversation. Here's what I think happens: Most of us are raised on fairytales and Hollywood (mostly the same thing).

A date I once had, a fix-up through a mutual friend, picked me up at my house with a Hershey bar tucked into his back pocket, squishy from his butt and the Florida heat, which he offered to me as if it were a bouquet. I didn't know if he was kidding, had no social graces or suffered from Tourette's.When he asked for a tour of my house, I obligingly led him room to room. " he asked, eyebrows up, as I showed him the living room and its oversize sofas. I went through with the date solely because of our mutual friend, avoiding his grasping hand in the car trying to clutch mine ("Oh, you're weird about touching? Happily married and a long way from her dating days, my friend was quick to slough aside the offense I'd taken to the man's obnoxious behavior.It wasn't the ogling that bothered me -- those were among the biggest breasts I'd ever seen in captivity, and frankly I was hard-put not to check them out myself.It was what he did next: looked back at me, rolled his eyes and made a nasty scoffing noise. And the screened porch, the same question repeated with a leer at each doorway.

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