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K, still you will miss that typical driving on the Indian roads.You will be more comfortable here, with most people following each and every traffic rules perfectly.These works are not only gifts that last a lifetime, they are also treasured creations that will be passed down through generations! I am so glad to introduce Reji Stephenson, an Indian born London blogger.

Portrait of sculptor's father executed in clay (stoneware) and was completed in October 1984. Michael has done many commissioned works for people from all walks of life.

There will be a mold taken of the Bust and then cast into Bronze, the piece will remain the property of the Schriever family.

The mere thinking that you are missing those people whom you may be connected since childhood days will make you worried at times.

You might be driving your Audi or BMW or Mercedes in the well-maintained roads in U.

You can read my interview with him here on this link: P V Ariel A Blogger Without A Blog If you are born and brought up in India, it’s hard for at least some people like me to adjust to the situations in a new place especially when we are in the western part of the world.


In this article, I am sharing what all I missed and still missing about India during my seven years stay in London.