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What men and women want in the bedroom is never far from most people’s minds.Sex and lovemaking has the potential to be either the most delicious or the most dissatisfying aspect of your life.This hugely important difference needs to be taken into account in order for sex and lovemaking to be great for both of you. There are greater rewards for a man by delivering what his woman desires first.When your woman is truly satisfied, she opens even more, and is more than willing to grant you your wishes in return.Recently I was going through some of my old psychology notes, when I came across a great bit of information that I just had to share!

The most recent studies have shown that a staggering 1 in 3 women are turned off from sex, whereas the figure is closer to 1 in 6 for men.From the 2008 Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey (which included 26,000 people around the world), as well a recent Australian study, women in particular often feel that they lose interest in sex because the kind of sex on offer is not what turns them on. There are 2 basic, essential keys to understand if you want great sex: Both women and men crave a fabulous, warm, intimate, fun and pleasurable sex/love life with their treasured life partner.The big difference between the two is the pathway to great sex, which is different for men and women. Through having sex with his woman, he opens more emotionally and connects.On the other hand, a woman needs the emotional intimacy, closeness and loving appreciation first, before she feels she is willing to open her body to this “emotionally disconnected person”.Sex can be a way for you and your partner to open your hearts, surrender your bodies, have some fun and share the peak of ultimate pleasure together…

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or it can be a mostly frustrating and empty experience.

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