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Male babies are generally assumed to be “men” and female babies are generally assumed to be “women.” Some people never question their assigned gender or sex, and choose to identify with what they were assigned at birth – that’s called being “cisgender.” But there are others who do question their gender or sex, and that’s completely normal and ok.

In America, we have very defined gender roles that describe what it means to be masculine or feminine, or a boy or a girl, and we learn what’s expected of us at a very early age from parents, family, friends, culture, religion, television, movies, and more.

Even though these expectations are made up – there is not an objective reason why boys shouldn’t be encouraged to practice ballet, for example – gendered characteristics, activities, expressions, and stereotypes are really ingrained in our society, and shape most of our lives.

Gender identity isn’t an easy topic to understand, and sometimes we need to unlearn some of our old ideas about what it is so that we can really get what gender is all about.

Transgender Identities When we’re born, a doctor assigns us a sex.

This has to do with our biology, chromosomes, and physical body.

Here are some other gender-specific differences that you might recognize: Girls get pink clothes, and boys get blue clothes; men shouldn’t cry, but girls can be emotional; it’s masculine to have a deep voice, and it’s feminine to have a higher one; boys play with building blocks, and girls play with dolls; men are athletic and aggressive, girls are nurturing and gentle…the list of expectations based on gender can go on and on, and change from culture to culture.

It’s important to remember that these gender roles aren’t set in stone.

You may not notice it all the time, but each gender comes with a set of expectations, like how to act, talk, dress, feel emotion, and interact with other people.

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For example, when you think of a teenage boy in America, what comes to mind?