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I guess the part which loads the computed values: $('#subtotal').load('compz.php?I'm taking a value from a textbox and converting it to decimal. So, how could I handle empty strings from the textbox?Unfortunately I have around 50 textboxes to deal with, so answers like 'check for null with IF condition' won't help me.My code will look ugly if I use all those IF conditions. I am feeling like an idiot after reading your answer. Why did I assign the value to the textbox in the first place?private void txt Email ID_Validating(object sender, System. Length); // Set the Error Provider error with the text to display. Set Error(txt Email ID, error Msg); } } public bool Valid Email Address(string txt Email ID, out string error Msg) { // Confirm that the e-mail address string is not empty. Length == 0) { error Msg = "e-mail address is required."; return false; } // Confirm that there is an "@" and a "." in the e-mail address, and in the correct order. Index Of("@")) { error Msg = ""; return true; } } error Msg = "e-mail address must be valid e-mail address format.\n" + "For example '[email protected]' "; return false; } private void txt Email ID_Validated(object sender, Event Args e) { // If all conditions have been met, clear the Error Provider of errors. Is there anyway to check them all at once to see if they are empty instead of writing out a massive line of code to check each one individually such as Dim empty = Me.

Text, "^[a-z A-Z][\w\.-]*[a-z A-Z0-9]@[a-z A-Z0-9][\w\.-]*[a-z A-Z0-9]\.[a-z A-Z][a-z A-Z\.]*[a-z A-Z]$")) This kind of approach in my project made the email validation simple considering only few factors which are important in email like '@' and '.' . Text, out error Msg)) { // Cancel the event and select the text to be corrected by the user. Why do I get spaces before the actual result on the output?Is it possible to strip them in jquery,basically contains lots of whitespaces for better readability and those whitespace are actually being outputted together with the computes the product of the 2 numbers in the input. Format("Please fill following textboxes: {0}", String. and when the problem was obvious why was I not thinking of removing the assignment?

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What the hell have I been thinking for 2 hours to fix this? I think my programming part of brain was shut down and I was thinking with other parts of the brain.