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Ron De Santis, one of several GOP candidates vying for the nomination to replace Marco Rubio in the Senate.

The tea-party movement found few bright spots in Senate races last cycle. This time around, a few conservative Senate hopefuls are taking a new approach. Chamber of Commerce and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, insurgent candidates were eventually shut down at every turn.He met with the Chamber and rolled out an initial campaign team of NRSC alumni and establishment-friendly strategists.While Stutzman has since replaced that team, his new campaign manager Joshua Kelley said in an interview last week that Stutzman “has a great record on economic development and pro-business legislating,” and would “be happy to have [the Chamber’s] support.”Rep.Already armed with the support of national conservative groups, which in the past have spent big going head-to-head against the national party, Senate candidates in Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana are also going out of their way to court establishment-aligned backing.

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Even if they can’t secure an endorsement, by pitching themselves as broad-appeal candidates they hope to neutralize a potential enemy that has spent big to squash conservative campaigns.“We want the support of everyone who wants a consistent conservative Republican in Florida,” said Brad Herold, campaign manager for Rep.

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