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in 2003 – so I guess you could say that losing her first reality show was one of the best things that’s ever happened to her. Ryan is a firefighter in Vail, Colorado and despite an appearance on Reunion Special, because I think Jeff Probst may have a thing for him.

In 2005, CBS aired a special about their marriage, and they currently have three daughters – who have also made appearances on a few was legitimately the first “reality show” on television, and when it began airing in 1994, producers and editors were less concerned about what made “good television” and more concerned about the fact that they making a show without writers or (many) editors.

Rachel Campos was on the very popular third season of the show – it was when the late Pedro Zamora taught the world that amazing people could still be struggling with AIDS, and “Puck” became the definition of the guy your father didn’t want you to bring home.

Rachel’s role in the house was the smart and rebellious Catholic girl.

While certain contestants ending up finding love with other cast members in other seasons, we all pretty much stopped rooting for a fairytale ending during the finale – we’re more concerned with which contestant they’ll feature on the next season of – makes sense, since finding someone who knew you through a dual journey of finding health and confidence is somewhat of an amazing concept. To our knowledge, they’re all still together, and even better, most are doing the world a favor by staying out of the spotlight after finding happiness.

”My favorite color changes every three months depending on what’s in your hair,” he said. Ling said that all her life, as she blew out candles or split wishbones, she had wanted one thing: true love.

Both of them were on the same season as Rachel, and Judd – a cartoonist!

– is on my (not officially created) list of Top 5 Favorite Cast Members Ever.

These two always get shoved aside for some reason, and I feel like it’s my duty to announce to the world that they’re still adorable.

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