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In Japan, 14C-dating was applied in 1951 for the first time (LIBBY 195).

Actually, a lot of articles have already been published, but almost all of them in Japanese; very few appeared in English.

For an interested international audience it is in consequence difficult to follow this highly intriguing discussion.

The following essay, however, aims at introducing the many discussions that are going on, rather than stressing the author's opinion.

It has to be emphasized, that there is no factual consensus yet, and the conclusions I draw are open to modification.

After more than three years, there are still various contrary opinions, not only addressing the chasm between the methods of natural science (14C dating) and 'purely' archaeological approaches (typological cross-dating). Isn't it just a recurrence of the '14C revolution' in the Japanese Archipelago?

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Even among merely archaeological perspectives different beliefs add to the controversy. In this paper I attempt to explain what kind of discussion is currently going on relating to this subject, and evaluate its meaning.