Start sacred 2 without updating

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Some games require activation, and it might start downloading soon after the activation is over.

Try starting Steam in offline mode and then launch the game - and see if it works If you have the actual disc, or a Steam backup disc, then yes.

The same activation limits apply for the add-on 'Sacred 2: Ice & Blood'. To help identify each character of the serial number correctly, please see common misinterpretations: Please note: Release Candidates and beta versions of Windows 7 are known to have issues with this workaround.

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This includes such popular games as Counter-Strike (original and Source) and Team Fortress 2.

Turning off auto-update was already done, which steam ignored :-/ And it was initially installed from a DVD and then again from my other computers backup disc (which then triggered a new 6GB file download...

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Is is possible to install a steam game and then play it without having to download a huge update file?

I'm temporally on super slow broadband at my parents and want to play a game I got now, not in 10hours :-/ Thanks Answer would be - it depends.

Once a Steam game is installed, you can go to your Steam library, right-click the game's name, choose Properties, click the Updates tab, and change the Automatic Updates dropdown to "Do not automatically update this game." It's a good idea to go into Offline mode before doing this, or launching Steam while not connected to a network so that it doesn't start downloading the update automatically.

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