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Speed dating events herts

RAF Signals Group 60, controlling the country's vast chain of radar stations, needed to be close to the communications hub so it established itself at Oxendon House, not too far away in Plantation Road.Its work enabled RAF fighter planes to intercept the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.Bands continued to entertain in the hall above, with dancers unaware of what was happening in the rest of the building.Soon the largest telephone exchange in the world was in operation as the communications centre, code-named Q Central, expanded into what became known after the war as RAF Stanbridge.The secret about the town's importance, and of the large number of service personnel barracked there, was so well kept that the evacuation officers were unaware that they were taking the children into what was, potentially, a prime German target.Two years before the start of hostilities, as the Government realised that a conflict with Germany was becoming inevitable, a search was started for a quiet location reasonably close to London which could become the country's war-time communications centre.Leighton Buzzard was chosen and initially hundreds of teleprinters were installed in the basement of the town's Corn Exchange, a vast structure in Lake Street now demolished.

Paul Brown told a packed audience at Dunstable's Methodist Church Hall that documents about war-time activities in Leighton Buzzard had become available only recently.The secrets had been so well kept that local people were astonished to learn about the vital war-work carried out in the town.A film company built a dummy airfield nearby, complete with parked cars and equipment, to distract enemy bombers away from the real target.That was just as well because, at the start of the blitz, no less than 7,000 children were evacuated from London to what was thought to be the quiet country town of Leighton Buzzard.The Secrets of Q Central The underground communications centre at RAF Stanbridge was a crucial factor in establishing the code-breaking station at Bletchley Park and the Met Office at Dunstable.

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Paul Brown, of Leighton Buzzard History Society, tells the story.

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