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Speed dating belgrade serbia

These are all modern highways, including the section Belgrade-Niš.It is a fast road with six lanes and 120km/h speed limit, which locals seldom observe as the road is in a pretty good shape. At this speed, travel time from Belgrade is usually two hours.

From the northwest, you can travel over Austria, via Slovenia and Croatia to Belgrade and then to Niš.

The highway continues for another 10km towards the Bulgarian border, and then turns into a narrower mountainous road to Sofia.

Niš (pronounced: 'neesh') is an important crossroad between central Europe and the middle East, and assumes the central position in the Balkan peninsula.

It is situated in southeast Serbia, with the coordinates - Latitude: 43° 19' 29 N, Longitude: 21° 54' 12 E.

Registration is done automatically by hotel staff upon check-in, however if you are staying with friends in a private dwelling, the responsibility falls on you and your host to register yourself with the police in the district in which you are staying.

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