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The system allows you to create and process online requests from clients and partners across the product line of the bank, including cash loans, credit cards, deposits and deposit cards.METRAFOR team fulfilled deep modernization and development of the system, and provided technical support for the system according to the agreed SLA.This application let telemarketing managers set exact time for client to register non-purpose cash credit in any bank department.This was due to the introduction of flexible custom scoring model, as well as integration with the public procurement portal, public registries and the credit agency.The system provides legal document flow with an advanced electronic signature, which allows bank customers to apply and open an account remotely.

METRAFOR specialists carried out testing of web application, which provides creation, registration, completion and storage of documents of various types.

Several types of testing were carried out: functional, cross-browser (for determining smooth functioning of the system in different browsers) and load testing.

Electronic author veterinary courses, designed specifically for the target group of "Royal Canin", deliver information in an interesting and interactive way about the health risks of pets and possible solutions with the help of a balanced diet.

For veterinarians the courses in core areas of the industry's leading experts were developed.

Moreover, web site adaptability made contract execution easy both from a desk unit and from mobile devices.

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