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Simply love dating

That said, love can still be tricky to gauge – especially when it comes to your significant other’s side of things.

It’s not easy to predict exactly how your SO may be feeling.

If a guy is constantly telling you he misses you, it’s probably because you’re on his mind… The sender could easily be a hungry, platonic friend. If a guy sends you this text when you’re in a relationship with him, it might be a sign of love.

Love has a knack for making all the little things you used to worry about feel obsolete.

Sure, we might have once paid attention to your outfits or exercise habits.

This text is our little way of showing you we would like to provide for you — in the same way a mother bear feeds her cubs.

This text is our way of telling you that we want you just the way you are.

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But once we’re in love with you, those concerns will suddenly seem unimportant.

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  1. I wanted to meet a Korean man that would pull me out of the street as a car was coming and we’d stare into each other’s eyes for 10-12 frames and he’d ask me to coffee. They won’t think your skin is the color of caramel or hot chocolate they’ll think it’s dark and ugly but does that make them right? So if you’re here and dating in Korea or plan to come here with dating on the agenda just know it’s about 10x harder and 20x more effort.