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A few days later, she'd find the job had been given to someone much younger. Even better, she'd be working from home and would pick her own hours. Over a few glasses of wine, Mom told me about all the sound effects she'd worked out to make the whole thing more realistic for her callers.

Silly putty is good for general squelching, and wet flannels dropped into the toilet apparently sound exactly like massive shits.

It turns out that making sure the experience is realistic is key: If you can make it feel real, really real, suddenly you're offering something Porn Hub can't."I think because you're older, somehow you're more believable," my mom explained.

Before she started, she didn't really get it either.

The company Mom worked for,, has a short application process that involves writing a dirty story and sending it to them by email.

This is generally the case at most sex lines, which use a cursory application process in writing or on the phone that doesn't go much further than checking the operators speak good English. All sex phone operators are required to send copies of their birth certificate and photo ID.

My mother isn't the only older woman going into phone sex work.

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