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Sex dates in nederland english

Gender, Sexuality and Society is devoted to enhance our understanding of the differences among groups of women and groups of men, as well as between women and men.

In an era of globalisation and transnational migration we see that new sexual acts and practices emerge within the fragmenting cultural landscapes of gender, sex, class and nationality.

This programme is unique as it is incorporated in the social sciences as opposed to the humanities, which is the case for the majority of gender and/or sexuality studies.

The combination of empirical research with theoretical reflection provides the student with a solid theoretical, conceptual, and methodological foundation to better understand, analyse and cope with the world’s contemporary problems and complexities related to gender and/or sexuality.

It is generally accepted that differences between rich and poor, young and old, between skin colours, or between Christians and Muslims are undeniable factors in people’s lives.

The University of Amsterdam has accumulated an enormous amount of expertise in the field of gender and sexuality, with an internationally focused staff, a well-established network of experts, specialised libraries and archives, and a research centre for gender and sexuality (ARC-GS) with monthly lectures: Uv A is situated in the city of Amsterdam, a city that has relevant organisations, libraries and archives and many interesting places for people who are interested in the field of gender and sexuality.We dare you to look in the mirror first before studying the outside world.In the Gender, Sexuality and Society Master’s programme you will examine differences in groups of men, groups of women, and differences between these groups.This will be placed in a broader perspective of social identities, political power and processes of exclusion and inclusion.This programme offers a systematic attempt to address structurally embedded prescriptions concerning gender relations and sexual behavior that are on a par with other analytical variables such as class, ethnicity, religion, age, or political views.

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Gender, Sexuality and Society aims to integrate the social and cultural imperatives that shape gendered identities and sexual relationships into the normal research repertoire of social scientists.