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Sex and dating site for pinoy

Well we already know the non-lesbian way, which I believe also is the ‘most desperate move’ a lesbian couple can make, and that is to have sex with a guy.

But if you lesbians couldn’t take it, then there’s no need to worry because there are different ways of getting yourself pregnant without having to undergo having sex with a man. Here are some of the ways to get pregnant: It is also called “Intrauterine insemination (IUI)” and in this procedure, the important thing is that there should be a donor and the frozen sperm is washed.

Now the reason the sperm should be washed first is because the woman’s uterus may react negatively due to the wastes from the sperm. Also, the woman has to take fertility medications to promote the release of the eggs per cycle.Now this is a trial and error procedure which means that conception will not happen on the first time it’s done.Most people would rely on acquiring sperms from people they know which would only result to more chaos.It is advisable to get an anonymous sperm donor to avoid any legal issues.Usually it takes 5-6 IUIs before it becomes successful.

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