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Seks sowor

lir (l(-(-tofs coniniit tee o\ ill" N'ru' I'.iitrland Moiliral Centre; fir. However, we hope to save enough this year and next to come out with a balance wlitch \vlll enable us to make group Increases In .salaries. Among the Si)ca,kcis were Isaac CJnr- don, grand chancellor of Mas.sach\isetls, Chancellor Commander Louis B. Carven city auditor: all of terms will ex- pire April 30, 1934, with the exception of that of Col Pullivan whose term Is for only one year The new appointee I' Harry j, Greenblatt of 334 Seaver streets who become* » member p X th« board of eximin»r.« ~-s in the Boston public schools will receive no increase in salary for at » year and possibly not for three years, according to Chair- man Joseph J. for h,s aid in laying fotirdation for [he city government. H not in the glory of the doctor that th« pa- tient was re-created, but Creator himself." Former Onvernnr Cnx stated that had been Informed that ther« are towns in Maine without doctors. Thttse who were oontlnned in ihf oilices which Ihey have been fining are: Fran'K W. Thl» means that promotion to the rank of assistant chief can now be don» only according- to Civil Service nile» and regulations, and the man promot- ed will bo he who qualifies In a, com" petitlvc examination and la «ertlfle4 for thn position. physl- to stand by bis patient "to the Inst moment." Sometimes, even when U seemed Impnssihle that such » tbiiig could happen, the patient recov- ered. Worcester said, the old phvslcians taught him, It wa. build a iioi ■aillii K on any- CI KIEV RKAPPOINTS 7 CITY OFFICIALS Reappointment of .seven Important oity o/l'icials and one new ,tppolntiner,t .announced ly Mayor Curley yes- terday. chusetts Civil Service Commission un- til the position rated an increase Ir salary, but with the Increase of ( above that paid to tho deputy chiefs, it was added to tho classihed list. From the point of view of firp prevention and fire fighting, the proi appointment is excellent; from the point of vicv,- of the morale of the dcnartment. : Tho rank of assistant chief nev« was ofllcially reco K.-iiiied L.y tho Maasa.

He will take part in loday'.s noonday exercises on Boston Common which will mark the 108th anniversary of Boston as a citv •lohn Phillips, Hoston-s first mayor. Nw Rn Kland telllne uhfll he has done prr.'iona lly. He said that, of all iho convpn tlons eomhi K to Boston In this greai rnnventinn year, and not e Tcludinc Ih' maininoth American l.e(:|on Kalherinc later on. After stating thai J77r.,i KK "endow- I merit" fund as well. /^o^r Jo HIGH TRIBUTE TO F AMILY ft OC TOR Curley, Ex-Gov. Weeks 'I'; and Others Speak— 5,000 of $ 1 ,000.000 Fund Pledged Clnwin K Irituitr-i 1o tlir taiml.y rloc- leii lin it"d lo aiienri hni werf unable to do so, bc-ud Hi- speakiiu over the radio, "If Poctorn Were I'aid" Maior I'liilnv was civen nil nvallni ihai ...niiiui-d ii Miil he left the audi loi-inin afli-r he prril.o H the work ol Ihe family doctors of . medical centre, In co-npeiallon with I Tufts College, will take care of suet' i situations, he said. Bti.\tun, trustee ot the pub'library: Carl Drryfas, H' of City Ho.spitai. Tho men eligible for the examlnatlo S are Deiiuly Chiefs Albert A. However, it i.s an excellent, appointment because practically every officer and man in the department will admit that there is no man who knows more alioiit the job than does Henry P'ox. With the announcement of Mayor Curley that he would advance Chief Fax to head of tho fire lighting forces, friends of certain eligibles turned their attention to the position of assistant chief. '''for thtt defence tluii ho ' 'called to the attention of the Governor 1 a few days ago the fact that the oiigl- '. The measure is imbject to the ap- proval of tho Mayor and Council be- fore Dec 31 thl.^ year. 7 HUB OFFICIALS ARE REAPPOINTED Rrappointniont of seven important city officials and one new appointment were announced by Mayor Curley yes- terday. The superintendent and the committee arc cooperating to curtail .^hop work. It will not be taken out of the high schools, but will be in a sepa- rate building. Cai'veii, city auditor; all of terni.s will ex- pire April ;ui, 1934. He meetsi the difficult tasl-: with courage and make.s an announcement that will receive ap prenera! i\Ia\iir Curle,\- .«a.v.s that he will appoint Henry A. This choice carrie.s with it not the .'^lightest reflection on other men high in command. Fox, to win the posi Uon of assistant chief, has been wasted 'according to announcement yesterday by Eliot 11, Goodwin, Civil Service Commls.sioner. PURCHASE OF fr AUTOS FOR FIRE CHIEFS APPROVED Mayor f^uriey yesterday approved a ooniraet with the Boston Hupmobll* Company for the purchaso of U auto- mobiles for uee tri Bo.'art mcnt was called to the resrue. The rental pro- vision is the -same as was recently agreed upon by the trustees and direc- tors of the Boston Elevated Street Railway Company and the city, namely •)ii percent of the cost, to be paid by the road to the city. We must curtail this list by not making any replace- ments. Industrial education co-sts just 100 percent more than academic edu- cation, per pupil, without countin L- material nr of tauildins.s. We plan to have a stand- ard plan for a classroom whi.-h may be duplicated in ail but the largest. School, not while the present committee is in oflice." Thomas D. Grcenblatt ot '224 Seaver street, who bccoines a member of the Joard of examiners. I think it is safe to that the ,000.i XM1 spent in 1029 will he cut to ,000,000 this year." Supt Burke complimented the mas- ters' assistants on their invaluable work In tlio classroom, citing many instances of the esteem in which this group Is held among educators. The program committee was headed by , Iacnh Natliaii.'*in and Isaac "I now demand the reason why •« Massachusetts Commission should con- sider in the first instance putting In- diaii.'i material into a Massachusett? Will someone in autllority at the State answer this cinestion'. Chairman Hurley stated that the present committee U determined to cut down all unnecessary expenses until it will he possible to raise the sa Hries and ffiye the teaching force the proncr .support.

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Although there will be no salary increase in the immedinte future, the pendulum Is swinging back to normal. Gold- man and othor ofticerti of the state organlzaitoii. lln K to Indiana for material •srhlle Mas- sachusetts (juarrle.9 are closed for lack of work. I still ohject to having Indlajia limestone considered and I ask the Governor Hnd Council to compel tho Metropolitan Dis- trict Commission to use nothins but I Massachusetts material in this htdld- 1 ing. Hurley of the Boston School Committee, speakin R- before the Eo Mton Subma.sters' Club at its dinner the Hotel Westminster last evening.