Ripoffs dating and personals

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Ripoffs dating and personals

Invariably, they will run into supposed difficulties – a sick relative, visa issues, unpaid bills – and will extort cash this way.

Recently, several women from Basingstoke in Hampshire were conned by a man claiming to be from the area.

of billion globally, and with monthly membership fees hovering around the £30 mark, it seems love – or finding it at least – can actually cost quite a lot.

Popular sites such as, e and My Single – alongside sites as esoteric as and – have all profited from the online dating boom.

Initially, fraudsters will gain the trust of their online victims.Typical cons here include sending registered users fake messages to prompt them to sign up or populating sites with fake profiles.Detectives said the amount stolen via this single scam had run into "thousands of pounds".While this con might seem pedestrian and easy to avoid, the online dating boom has also fuelled a number of suspect sites.He told his victims he had a considerable inheritance in South Africa and needed money to unlock the funds.

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But as soon as the money was wired over, he disappeared into cyberspace.