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Revenge dating

She joked about dating Brad and was chuckling the whole time as she headed back to her pal’s car.

It seems that Jennifer Garner is ready to divorce Ben Affleck now that she’s dating Brad Pitt.

Or, at least, according to her sense of humor, that is.

Emily Thorne struggles to maintain the guise of a normal, happy marriage while plotting to avenge her father's murder, but her off-screen counterpart, Emily Van Camp, has no problem with genuine love and honesty. “Josh and I keep it all very separate," Van Camp said of her personal and professional life.

'It's cool that people like the show and the people who play the characters,' he said.'But I like a few shows, and I really don't care about the actors' private lives, because that's just sad. I've got enough s**t in my own life.'Emily has something of a habit when it comes to dating her onscreen lovers; she has previously been involved in relationships with her Brothers & Sisters co-star Dave Annabel, and Everwood blondie Chris Pratt.The 44-year-old actress recently told a group of videographers that she and Angelina Jolie’s estranged husband are dating.A cameraman tried to confirm if she really was going out with the 52-year-old actor, and the mother of three replied, “Isn’t that great?"I call him ‘wife-beater Daniel.’ It’s hard for my family to watch. At a certain point, it does start to weigh on you physically and mentally, and suddenly you’re not coping with things as well. It’s definitely something I’m trying to catch and change as much as possible when I really feel that it’s getting me down.

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