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Redating matthew mark and luke

Plenty of conservative Christians think that John’s Gospel was written in the 90s, for example.

Any concerns that a Gospel written in the 70s or 80s is too late to contain reliable testimony is just mistaken.

Those traditions pre-date the final written Gospels by decades and consist of eyewitness testimony.

And while my recollection of the specific wording of graffiti forty years ago – something I wasn’t particularly interested in at the time – is likely to be pretty bad, my recollection of important events that were striking to me at the time and have been important to me ever since (for example, who was the woman in white at my wedding, and what did she say when the minister asked her if she takes me as her husband? So nothing important stands or falls on the question of whether or not a Gospel was written in the 50s, 60s or 80s.

If we were talking about one person who saw something forgettable writing from his own memory forty or fifty years later (e.g.

“now let me think, what did that graffiti that I saw on that day say…”), then sure, this sort of timeframe might be a problem.

But in the first place nobody thinks that’s how the Gospels were composed, and secondly that’s (mostly) not the sort of thing the Gospels record.

And since St Paul died in AD 67 or thereabouts, the Gospel of Luke must be younger than that.Still, it’s nice – fun in a wicked sort of way actually – to be able to show that a Gospel was written early. Robinson was hardly an outspoken conservative, and he wrote during a time when liberal New Testament criticism ruled the roost in academia.Critics of the reliability of the Gospels like to think of their authorship being as late as possible in order to increase the distance between the account and the alleged event, strengthening the narrative according to which the Gospels consist of legends that sprang up during the intervening decades. Robinson contended that the proverbial emperor had no clothes and that the widely accepted view that the New Testament books were composed late was a theory without foundations.There’s a certain pleasure in pointing out to them that not only do the dates generally accepted in liberal New Testament scholarship today not present any interesting problems in regard to reliability, but actually the dates of authorship may be a whole lot earlier and the insistence on late dating is based on very little of substance. So, there’s the backdrop against which I write this.I’ve also reached the conclusion that what “critical scholars” say to overturn this observation is a whole lot of not very much based on even less.

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be motivated to say that any of the Gospels were written early.

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