Recent violent dating cases

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Recent violent dating cases

Lloyd had already been up all weekend – he’d taken his friends clubbing Saturday night in Hernandez’s black Suburban.He went on hitting the clubs with his boys, including Lloyd, who was dating his fiancee’s sister.That Sunday, Lloyd’s best friend urged him to stay home, saying he needed his sleep for the week ahead.For Odin Lloyd, this was bang-up news, proof that his luck had turned around.Aaron Hernandez, the Pro Bowl tight end of the New England Patriots, was coming by later to scoop him up for another five-star debauch, just 36 hours after he’d taken Lloyd out for the wildest ride of his life.And now he was about to burn it down again with Hernandez, the million man with the restless streak and a bottomless taste for chronic.The problem, Lloyd said, was it didn’t end there with Hernandez and his how-high crew: “Them boys is into way worse shit than herb.” Five Sports Stars Accused of Killing Someone How much worse?All night Friday, they’d kicked it at Rumor, popping bottles and pulling models up the steps of the VIP section of the Boston theater district’s hottest club.

About as bad as it gets, say longtime family friends.

In exclusive conversations with , those friends, who insisted they not be named, say Hernandez was using the maniacal drug angel dust, had fallen in with a crew of gangsters and convinced himself that his life was in danger, carrying a gun wherever he went.

We kept rolling past dawn at his big-ass mansion, then he tossed me the keys to his Suburban.” Big doings for a semipro football player and underemployed landscape helper, though there, too, fortune smiled on Lloyd, 27.

He’d just gotten word that he’d have shifts all week, his first steady hours in some time.

Sources close to the tight end add that throughout the spring, when players are expected to be preparing themselves for the marathon NFL season, Hernandez had missed workouts and sessions with a rehab trainer, and had been told by his head coach, Bill Belichick, that he was one misstep from being cut.

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But training camp was six weeks away, and Hernandez wasn’t one to heed a warning.

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