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Read ageplay chat

DD/lg stands for Daddy Dom and little girl, but it also known as Daddy Dom and babygirl.Do not be fooled by the name though, it is not gender specific, there are Mommies and little boys as well.Protocols and the expectations may be different or much more relaxed.

There are also different expectations for a little than a slave, for example.It still involves a Dominant (male or female) and a submissive (male or female).Some other names for the dynamic include CG/l (Caregiver/little) and Big/little.In the world of D/s relationships, Doms and subs have different titles, sometimes depending on the dynamic or based on comfort between the couples.While most people are familiar with Master/slave or Master/pet, there is a "gentler" and more lenient dynamic and that is DD/lg.

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Engaging in incest roleplay is not uncommon though and should not be judged.

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