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Plain white ts dating delilah

Some of the guys found love; others lost it recently.The members of the Plain White T's channel both romance and those regrettable late-night text messages and phone calls (come on, you know you're guilty of it, too) on their newly-released EP, "Should've Gone to Bed." It's a mix of "super honest" songs, said singer/guitarist Tom Higgenson about the follow-up to 2010's "Wonders of the Younger." There's the fun, upbeat lead track "Should've Gone to Bed" about making one too many calls when you really should have plugged your phone into its charger and hit the pillow for the night.Higgenson says he knows that feeling all too well; he's newly single, after splitting with his gal about a year ago.Now back on the dating scene, Higgenson admits he's shy when it comes to going out and approaching women. He appeared on NBC's "Ready for Love," a dating series that taped last summer and debuted this spring. Named after their latest album which was out December 2010, the T's are joined on tour with talented bands Parachute & the Miggs!"I think kind of like Tom, I consider myself shy, introverted, the wallflower if we go out to bars. They brought in three of the world's top matchmakers and worked alongside three of us guys." In the end, Lopez, who was behind the 2010 Plain White T's single "Rhythm of Love," ended up falling for a woman from the show."I met an awesome girl -- and it's the second longest relationship I've ever been in. The best way to overcome your fears, is to just dive right in," he said.

1 hit, "Hey There, Delilah." And watch the T's in-studio acoustic performances.We had so much fun at the Star 99.9 Fairfield Hyundai Pool Party with The Plain White T’s! If you couldn’t be there, check out the Plain White T's performance of "Hey There Delilah" Maybe you've never been worried about garden gnomes trying to kill you.When asked what happens if a girl he's talking to recognizes him from the band, Higgenson said laughing, "Oh then I turn on the charm," adding, "But for me to approach somebody, I don't know, it's so awkward for me." Higgenson's bandmate, guitarist/singer Tim Lopez, can relate. "It was really fun experience -- super nerve-wracking.I enjoyed myself, but I was really uncomfortable," he said.If that's the case, this may be eye opening- Garden gnomes are trained to kill, but luckily Anna and Raven have been trained to fight back. She said to keep it around in case she needed it in July, and today was the today she needed to find it to remind herself to not complain about the heat. Nothing makes Anna giggle more than people that have no idea where CT is... Anna is so giddy about this scene that happened last night on Dating Naked, that she shared it with Production Guy Ed.

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