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Picher woman sex

Picher was part of the area initially captured or occupied by American troops at the end of World War Two.In other words, Picher was on the American side of the line of contact between American Soviet forces.Starting in the 11th century the local western Slavic populace began intermixing with incoming German settlers.Several centuries later the area was considered completely "Germanized".Picher is located in northern end of the Griesen area, a forested zone that is in between the rivers Sude, Elde and Elbe.

A smaller nearby town called Bresegard has part of its full name (Bresegard bei Picher) from Picher.

Picher was mentioned in 1291 for the first time as "Pychere" and initially belonged to the County of Dannenberg, but by the 14th century it had become part of the County of Schwerin.

A church in 13th century Picher is mentioned 1319 for the first time.

Due to previous agreements by the Allied powers, this part of Germany was transferred to Soviet control some several weeks after American occupation.

This town has traditionally been associated with Picher, first being part of Picher's eclessiastical territory, and also as a way of differentiating itself from the other Bresegard (Bresegard bei Eldena).

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