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Park shin hye dating yoon shi yoon

Then in Marriage Not Dating you're so cute hihihi then it all started from My Love Eun-dong OMG I feel in love with you in the fourth time I saw you She is soooo familiar but... is that even possible i haven't seen her in any of the dramas she was in but i can perfectly remember her from somewhere!!?!? But the latest Secret door drama, she is really bad. I wish she would have done better in secret door drama, since Je-hoon and the king were both amazing actors!Why is she not offered a leading role is beyond my mind as there are lots of bad actress and idols who are offered as a lead.Her beauty captured my heart even first time watched her in the drama. I want to see you as a lead actress in the dramas in future, you got all the qualities.Like Soo-hee, you got the talents and beauty, better than many young actresses out there. Most beautiful woman, like person that commented bellow, she also captivated my heart, and u know what's interesting? She needs a leading role, I like her role in "My Love Eun Dong" I loved her in "Let's eat".

Then in Running Man also, I was amazed that you're from KAIST and taking up an Engineering course. May be it was because of the story that her acting was magnified.

I don't get why nobody has given her a lead role yet or at least more nice second leads since "Let's eat" and "Big man". When I see her for the first time,directly she remind me to PArk Shi Yeon.face, her lips, her eyes, her stare just like Park Shi Yeon.just look like Park Shi Yeon younger version XD I was watching Marriage, Not Dating thinking, why the hell does she look so familiar.

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Sevdigin diziler hakkında tanıtım yazabilir, izlediğin bölümleri özetleyebilir, çeviri metinlerinde ekip üyelerine yardım edebilir veya ben bunu da yapabilirim diyebileceğiniz bir katılımda bulunabilirsin.

It's a pity not to see her in bigger roles; it seems like her roles get smaller and smaller. if you thought her acting in Let's Eat was just okay I LOVED her in there but I LOVED her even more for challenging herself with a more serious high school role in wild chives!!

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She's so adorable and among all the lovely pretty kdrama actresses who look like clones of each other she really stands out with how lovable she is.