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That is for someone to call me Baby, Darlin, Sweetie, anything like that. Sherry To me the best opener is telling her why you felt compelled to contact her.

Is it something in her picture - her smile, her eyes, the colour of her hair?

I am not sure the best way to Start, but I can definitely say something that is a big turnoff to me.

Let her know what you think is attractive about her. don't just talk about the physical as hopefully it was her picture in combination with something in her profile. Do you meet any or all of her requirements in a partner?

What intrigued you or what do you have in common with her? Show your sense of humor and your creativity and by all means, spell check your email.

I've just been looking at profiles and sending messages that make some comment and try to find some common ground. Something that makes it stand out from the normal line, also bad is " you look really great love your photo" um, did you read the profile..? If she's the type of person who pays special attention to spelling and grammar on her own profile, you're likely to get a more serious read if you write legibly.

Ok, i don't have one, granted but the point is, be yourself off course, but be a bit different.. Make sure that the comment makes sense, isn't a compliment on a body part (smile is ok--your boobs are big, nice, is not), and make sure that if she does decide to go look at your profile, it has a good picture, nothing derogatory about other women..know, a profile that a woman will look at and say hey, he sounds interesting. I'm much more likely to respond thoughtfully to someone who asks a question or refers to a common interest rather than a simple "hello", especially if his own profile is rather sparse.

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If you spend a few minutes to write something meaningful, it increases your chances significantly of getting a response. It's pretty much a given online that if you're contacting someone and opening a conversation, you were physically attracted to them.

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